Mandala Scrunchie


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The print for the Mandala Scrunchie began as a colored pencil drawing inspired by images of Vedic chakras and ancient Islamic tiles.  On the mat, this scrunchie is the perfect workout accessory to add some spark to a dull gym outfit!  Off the mat, it is a wonderful accessory to keep your hair up on a sunny day. Pair it with the rest of our Mandala outfit to add a wonderful finishing touch!



*100% polyester with moisture management

The Fabric

Made from 84% rPET and 16% spandex, our signature four-way stretch fabric is ultra soft, breathable, quick-drying, and good for the planet. Our fabrics feature a vegan suede finish and are odor resistant.


When we say we want to Make Sustainability Sexy, we truly mean it. We are a team of artists and activists, working to reduce the negative footprints on our earth. Our sustainability practices are rooted in mindfulness and the power of choice — from day-to-day decisions to major resolutions. We believe that a collective effort of sustainability has the ability to change our trajectory towards a healthier, more verdant planet. See? Sexy.